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HSS Drill Bit 13pc Set Front
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Starrett’s range of HSS Drill Bits provide users with more agility, efficiency and safety when drilling different types of surfaces.

High quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes, combined with the highest levels of market demand, ensure the quality and performance excellence of Starrett drill bits.

Designed to meet the requirements of professional users.

Manufactured to DIN 338 Standards.


‘- Precision ground cutting edge for fast drilling and perfect finishing.
– Maximum accuracy; fast and easy swarf removal.
– Split point 135°: self-centering; accurate start to drilling; less pressure required for penetration; enhanced performance.
– Suitable for: Alloy steels, carbon steels, cast iron, hardened alloy steels, stainless steel, wood and soft materials.
– High quality high speed steel
– Wide and long channels
– Processed using controlled thermal treatment
– Precise cutting geometry
– High fracture resistance
– 135° split point angle (regrinding)
– Endurance
– Metric line according to DIN 338 standard
– Precise concentricity giving high rotational accuracy
– Reduced deviation of the drill due to split point design