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Boning Knives

The Boning Knife is a meat cutting knife, made from quality stainless steel, ensuring precise cuts and a longer blade life. Origin identification and traceability is guaranteed through a tracking number laser stamped on the blades, alongside the NSF Approved and Sanitized® logos. Our polypropylene ergonomically moulded handles are manufactured with Antimicrobial Sanitized® Protection and feature a textured finish for maximum grip and optimum comfort, yet are easy to clean.


  • Blade made from quality stainless steel
  • Injection moulded ergonomic handles with Antimicrobial Sanitized® Protection, textured for maximum grip, optimum comfort and easy clean
  • NSF certification
  • Identifiable laser marked blades with guarantee of origin identification and traceability
  • Uniquely sharpened angle for more precise impactful cuts
  • Three blade types – Wide Straight, Narrow Straight and Narrow Curved.
  • Three blade lengths – 13cm, 15cm & 20cm.
  • Six handle colours – Black, Green, Blue, Red, White & Yellow.



Cat. No.Handle ColourBlade Length in InchesBlade Type
BKW103-6White6Wide Straight
BKR103-6Red6Wide Straight
BKY103-6Yellow6Wide Straight
BKL103-6Blue6Wide Straight
BKG103-6Green6Wide Straight
BKB103-6Black6Wide Straight
BKW104-6White6Narrow Straight
BKR104-6Red6Narrow Straight
BKY104-6Yellow6Narrow Straight
BKL104-6Blue6Narrow Straight
BKG104-6Green6Narrow Straight
BKB104-6Black6Narrow Straight
BKW104-8White8Narrow Straight
BKR104-8Red8Narrow Straight
BKY104-8Yellow8Narrow Straight
BKL104-8Blue8Narrow Straight
BKG104-8Green8Narrow Straight
BKB104-8Black8Narrow Straight
BKW106-5White5Narrow Curved
BKR106-5Red5Narrow Curved
BKY106-5Yellow5Narrow Curved
BKL106-5Blue5Narrow Curved
BKG106-5Green5Narrow Curved
BKB106-5Black5Narrow Curved
BKW106-6White6Narrow Curved
BKR106-6Red6Narrow Curved
BKY106-6Yellow6Narrow Curved
BKL106-6Blue6Narrow Curved
BKG106-6Green6Narrow Curved
BKB106-6Black6Narrow Curved




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