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Chef Knives

Our Chef Knives can be used for absolutely anything from chopping meat to slicing fruit and vegetables. With a broad blade that curves upwards towards the tip allowing the knife to rock for fine chopping and mincing. Origin identification and traceability is guaranteed through a tracking number laser stamped on the blades, alongside the NSF Approved and Sanitized® logos. Our polypropylene ergonomically moulded handles are manufactured with Antimicrobial Sanitized® Protection and feature a textured finish for maximum grip and optimum comfort, yet are easy to clean.


  • Blade made from quality stainless steel
  • Injection moulded ergonomic handles with Antimicrobial Sanitized® Protection, textured for maximum grip, optimum comfort and easy clean
  • NSF certification
  • Identifiable laser marked blades with guarantee of origin identification and traceability
  • Uniquely sharpened angle for more precise impactful cuts
  • Three blade profiles: Wide triangular in 8″ or 10″; Narrow triangular in 6″; or Wide straight in 10″ or 12″
  • Six handle colours – Black, Green, Blue, Red, White & Yellow



Cat. No.Handle ColourBlade Length in InchesBlade Type
BKW301-8White8Wide Triangular
BKR301-8Red8Wide Triangular
BKY301-8Yellow8Wide Triangular
BKL301-8Blue8Wide Triangular
BKG301-8Green8Wide Triangular
BKB301-8Black8Wide Triangular
BKW301-10White10Wide Triangular
BKR301-10Red10Wide Triangular
BKY301-10Yellow10Wide Triangular
BKL301-10Blue10Wide Triangular
BKG301-10Green10Wide Triangular
BKB301-10Black10Wide Triangular
BKW302-6White6Narrow Triangular
BKR302-6Red6Narrow Triangular
BKY302-6Yellow6Narrow Triangular
BKL302-6Blue6Narrow Triangular
BKG302-6Green6Narrow Triangular
BKB302-6Black6Narrow Triangular
BKW303-10White10Wide Straight
BKR303-10Red10Wide Straight
BKY303-10Yellow10Wide Straight
BKL303-10Blue10Wide Straight
BKG303-10Green10Wide Straight
BKB303-10Black10Wide Straight
BKW303-12White12Wide Straight
BKR303-12Red12Wide Straight
BKY303-12Yellow12Wide Straight
BKL303-12Blue12Wide Straight
BKG303-12Green12Wide Straight
BKB303-12Black12Wide Straight


Product Description Item No. Part No. Multiples (ea) Stock Status MTO MOQ (ea)
Chef Knife Set 6 pc Red DV8693 BKK-6R1 1MTS-
Chef Knife Set 6 pc Black DV86932 BKK-6B1 1MTS-
Chef Knife Set 6 pc White DV86929 BKK-6W1 1MTOTBC




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