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Duratec™ FB

Duratec™ Super FB band saw blades are made from a special high carbon steel with a flexible back. Ideal for economical cutting on easy-to-machine ferrous or non-ferrous metal and wood, they are available in a wide range of widths, thickness, pitches and welded-to-length sizes for general purpose contour and straight cutting on a variety of machines.


  • Contour and straight cutting
  • Economical cutting
  • Can be welded with standard welders


  • Easy-to-machine carbon steel
  • Metalon
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Celeron and plastics
  • Plywood and MDF
  • Cardboard
  • Ideal for light vertical and horizontal machines
  • For workshop and carpentry use


  • Made from special high carbon steel
  • Flexible back
  • Raker tooth set
  • Furnished in welded bands, random length coils, 30 metre and 75 metre coils
  • Note: Special products on request



mm (Width x Thickness)inches (Width x Thickness)TPITooth ShapeItem No.Part No.Metres - MultiplesStock StatusMTO MOQ (m)
5 x 0.653/16 x .0254SkipAG0315 DFB5X4/SK Factory coil MTO 1500
10RegularAG0322 DFB5X10/S Factory coil MTS -
14RegularAG0324 DFB5X14/S Factory coil MTO 1500
18RegularAG0326 DFB5X18/S Factory coil MTO 1500
6 x 0.351/4 x .0146SkipAG0432 DFB6X6/SK-3-SPJ Factory coil MTS-
10RegularAG0434 -Factory coil MTO1500
24Regular- Wavy SetAG0443 -Factory coil MTS-
6 x 0.651/4 x 0.254SkipAG0542 DFB6X4/SK Factory coil MTS-
6HookAG0544 DFB6X6/P Factory coil MTO1500
6RegularAG0543 DFB6X6/S Factory coil MTS-
6SkipAG0546 DFB6X6/SK Factory coil MTS-
8RegularAG0547 DFB6X8/S Factory coil MTO1500
10RegularAG0548 DFB6X10/S Factory coil MTS-
14RegularAG0550 DFB6X14/S Factory coil MTS-
18RegularAG0552 DFB6X18/S-SPJ Factory coil MTS-
18Regular (Way Set)AG0553 DFB6X18/W Factory coil MTO1500
24RegularAG0554 -Factory coil MTO1500
24Regular - Wavy SetAG0555 DFB6X24/W Factory coil MTS-
32Regular - Wavy SetAG0557 DFB6X32/W Factory coil MTO1500
10 x 0.353/8 x .0144SkipAG0766 DFB10X4/SK-3-SPJ Factory coil MTO 1500
6SkipAG0768 DFB10X6/SK-3-SPJ Factory coil MTO 1500
14Regular (Way Set)AG0770 -Factory coil MTO 1500
18Regular (Wavy Set)AG0785 -Factory coil MTO 1500
13 x 0.501/2 x .02024Regular - Wavy SetAG1080 -Factory coil MTO1500
13 x 0.65 1/2 x .0253HookAG1105 DFB13X3/P Factory coil MTO 1500
3SkipAG1108 DFB13X3/SK-SPJ1 Factory coil MTS -
3Skip - Heavy SetAG11087 DFB13X3/SK-SPJ Factory coil MTS -
3-4BearcatAG1102 DFB13X3-4/B-SPJ Factory coil MTS -
4Hook AG1113 DFB13X4/P Factory coil MTS -
4Skip AG1114 DFB13X4/SK Factory coil MTS -
6Hook AG1120 DFB13X6/P Factory coil MTS -
6Regular AG1122 DFB13X6/S Factory coil MTS -
6Skip AG1124 DFB13X6/SK Factory coil MTS -
8Regular AG1128 DFB13X8/S Factory coil MTS -
10Regular AG1130 DFB13X10/S Factory coil MTS -
14Regular AG1132 DFB13X14/S Factory coil MTS -
18Regular - Wavy Set AG1138 DFB13X18/W Factory coil MTO1500
24RegularAG1140 DFB13X24/S-SPJ Factory coil MTS -
24Regular - Wavy Set AG1142 DFB13X24/W Factory coil MTO 1500
16 x 0.80 5/8 x .032 3Hook AG1342 -Factory coil MTO 1000
3SkipAG1346 DFB16X3/SK Factory coil MTS-
4SkipAG1350 DFB16X4/SK Factory coil MTS-
6SkipAG1356 DFB16X6/SK Factory coil MTS-
8RegularAG1358 DFB16X8/S Factory coil MTO1000
10RegularAG1360 DFB16X10/S Factory coil MTS-
14RegularAG1362 DFB16X14/S Factory coil MTS-
18RegularAG1364 -Factory coil MTO1000
19 x 0.80 3/4 x .032 3Hook AG1474 DFB19X3/P Factory coil MTO 1000
3Skip AG1476 DFB19X3/SK Factory coil MTS-
4Hook AG14801 DFB19X4/P Factory coil MTO1000
4Regular AG1481 DFB19X4/S Factory coil MTS -
4Skip AG1482 DFB19X4/SK Factory coil MTS -
6Regular AG1486 DFB19X6/S Factory coil MTS -
8Regular AG1488 DFB19X8/S Factory coil MTS -
10Regular AG1490 DFB19X10/S Factory coil MTS -
14Regular AG1496 DFB19X14/S Factory coil MTS
18Regular - Wavy Set AG1498 DFB19X18/W Factory coil MTS -
25 x 0.90 1 x .035 2Hook AG1598 DFB25X2/P Factory coil MTO1000
3Hook AG1605 DFB25X3/P-SPJ Factory coil MTS -
3Skip AG1608 DFB25X3/SK Factory coil MTS -
4RegularAG1618 DFB25X4/S Factory coil MTS -
4SkipAG1620 DFB25X4/SK Factory coil MTS -
6Regular AG1624 DFB25X6/S Factory coil MTS -
8Regular AG1626 DFB25X8/S Factory coil MTS -
10Regular AG1628 DFB25X10/S Factory coil MTS -
14Regular AG1632 DFB25X14/S Factory coil MTS -

MTS = Made to stock
MTO = Made to order
MOQ = Minimum order quantity



mm Width x Thickness inches Width x Thickness TPITooth Shape Item No.Part No.Metres - MultiplesStock Status
3 x 0.65 1/8 x .025 14Regular AJ320 DFB3X14/S-30 30m coil MTS
18Regular AJ325 DFB3X18/S-30 30m coil MTS
5 x 0.65 3/16 x .025 10 Regular AJ435 DFB5X10/S-30 30m coil MTS
6 x 0.35 1/4 x .014 10 Regular AJ525 DFB6X10/S-3-30SPJ 30m coil MTS
6 x 0.65 1/4 x .025 6Hook AJ570 DFB6X6/P-30 30m coil MTS
6Skip AJ580 DFB6X6/SK-30 30m coil MTS
10Regular AJ585 DFB6X10/S-30 30m coil MTS
14Regular AJ600 DFB6X14/S-30 30m coil MTS
18Regular AJ605 DFB6X18/S-30 30m coil MTS
24Regular - Wavy Set AJ617 DFB6X24/W-30 30m coil MTS
10 x 0.65 3/8 x .025 3Skip AJ790 DFB10X3/SK-30SPJ 30m coil MTS
4Skip AJ805 DFB10X4/SK-30 30m coil MTS
6Skip AJ825 DFB10X6/SK-30 30m coil MTS
8RegularAJ830 DFB10X8/S-30 30m coil MTS
10RegularAJ835 DFB10X10/S-30 30m coil MTS
14RegularAJ845 DFB10X14/S-30 30m coil MTS
18RegularAJ850 DFB10X18/S-30 30m coil MTS
13 x 0.65 1/2 x .025 3Skip AJ945 DFB13X3/SK-30SPJ1 30m coil MTS
4 Skip AJ960 DFB13X4/SK-30 30m coil MTS
6Hook AJ970 DFB13X6/P-30 30m coil MTS
6Regular AJ980 DFB13X6/S-30 30m coil MTS
6Skip AJ985 DFB13X6/SK-30 30m coil MTS
8Regular AJ990 DFB13X8/S-30 30m coil MTS
10Regular AJ995 DFB13X10/S-30 30m coil MTS
14Regular AK015 DFB13X14/S-30 30m coil MTS
18Regular AK025 DFB13X18/S-30 30m coil MTS
16 x 0.80 5/8 x .032 10 Regular AK140 DFB16X10/S-30 30m coil MTS
19 x 0.80 3/4 x .032 4Skip AK270 DFB19X4/SK-30 30m coil MTS
10Regular AK300 DFB19X10/S-30 30m coil MTS
25 x 0.90 1 x .035 6 Regular AK445 DFB25X6/S-30 30m coil MTS

MTS = Made to stock
MTO = Made to order
MOQ = Minimum order quantity




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