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A simple but highly effective method of ejecting the core from a hole saw after completion of the cut. Please note: In some application it is possible that the core may be ejected from the saw at high speed. Please always wear safety glasses and gloves and take extra care if drilling vertically.

  1. Select the appropriate size of ejector for the hole saw
  2. Where it is necessary to assemble the two parts of the core ejector, twist the spring on to the ejector plate until it locks in place
  3. Twist the spring on the assembled core ejector over the pilot drill until the pilot drill is protruding from the plate
  4. Drill the hole
  5. Please note that using the core ejector will reduce the cutting depth of the saw. The specifications below list the recommended optimum maximum material thickness for each type of hole saw. The core ejector will function at greater material thickness than those listed, however its effectiveness will diminish
  • Suitable for: 64-86mm (2.1/2-3.3/8″) hole saws
  • Overall length: 50mm
  • Rec. Cutting Depth: 7mm for FCH, DCH, D0 & CT
  • Body Material: Aluminium