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22C Drill Point Gauge

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Product Details

This Gauge was designed specifically for use in drill grinding. It provides a quick, accurate way for determining the correct drill point angle of 59º and the correct length of drill lips necessary for clean-cut drilling at maximum feeds and speeds.

  • The sliding head may be adjusted to any position along the rule and locked by a thumb nut
  • The head is beveled to 59º (the correct drill point angle), and is also graduated in 32nds along the 59º face for measuring the drill lips which should be of equal lengths
  • The hook rule has accurate, machine-divided graduations in 8ths, 16ths, quick-reading 32nds and 64ths
  • Hook is adjustable and can be shortened or extended on either side of the rule, and may also be removed if desired
  • Tool can also be used as a Plain Rule, Hook Rule, Depth Gauge, and Slide Caliper
  • Will handle up to a 2” diameter drill
  • Item Number: BI962
  • Global Item Number: 22C
  • Head bevel: 59º
  • Head bevel Graduations: 32nds
  • Hook Rule: 6”
  • Hook Rule Graduations: 8ths, 16ths; QuickReading 32nds, 64ths
  • Status*: MTO
  • Country of Origin: USA

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MTO lead times: China: 90 days / USA: 120 days.
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