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247MD Ball Attachment

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Attachments 247M Micrometer Ball

Outside micrometers and micrometer heads having spindle sizes listed below can be instantly converted for measuring wall thickness of tubing, split and full bearings, sleeves and other parts with rounded surfaces by means of the 247 ball attachment.

  • Easily applied by snapping on to end of either anvil or spindle, thus permitting two attachments to be used together
  • Balls are hardened, measure 5mm in diameter, and move freely in the retainer, insuring positive contact with anvil and spindle
  • The diameter 5mm of each ball used must be subtracted from the micrometer reading
  • All metal construction
  • Item Number: CE222
  • Global Item Number: 247MD
  • Description: For 216M and 436.1M Micrometers, 6.35mm diameter Anvil and Spindle
  • Status*: MTO
  • Country of Origin: USA

*MTO Made to order – Products subject to longer lead times when stock is not available.
MTO lead times: China: 90 days / USA: 120 days.
*MTS Made to stock (regular availability).