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272A Fillet / Radius Gauge

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Product Details

272 Fillet or Radius Gauges

An external and internal radius on each leaf permits both concave and convex surfaces to be measured. The leaves are specially shaped for use in any position at any angle to measure fillets and radii in corners or against shoulders. Each leaf is stamped with the radius size and has an eccentric mounting for clearance between the leaf and the case when the gauge is opened.

  • Item Number: CJ132
  • Global Item Number: 272A
  • Range (Concave and Convex): 1/32-17/64”
  • Increments: 64ths
  • Leaves: 16
  • Status*: MTO
  • Country of Origin: USA

*MTO Made to order – Products subject to longer lead times when stock is not available.
MTO lead times: China: 90 days / USA: 120 days.
*MTS Made to stock (regular availability).