91 Tap Wrenches

The 91 Tap Wrenches are strong and well proportioned. They are nicely finished and the gripping surfaces are properly tempered. They will firmly hold square or round shanks. They are plunger operated by knurled sleeve – the spring inside the sleeve causes plunger to back off when pressure is removed.

Note: Round shanks can be gripped, but care must be used. Excessive pressure may break the moveable V-jaw.

93 Series T-Handle Tap Wrenches

Starrett 93 T-Handle Tap Wrenches are for holding taps, drills, reamers and other small tools to be turned by hand. They are properly heat treated to withstand ordinary shop use.

The body is centred, enabling the worker to use it on lathe centres or on an upright drilling machine to start the tap straight. The jaws conform to the tool being held, making it rigid and less apt to loosen.

All wrenches have a sliding handle that is frictionally held. This feature permits the handle to be removed entirely or positioned so that leverage can be applied when working in close quarters.

The 93D, E and F sizes are identical in construction to the 93A, B and C models, except that the bodies are proportionately longer. These longer tap wrenches are very handy in machine, automobile service and aviation repair shops because they eliminate the need for stocking special long taps for depths which cannot be reached with shorter wrenches.

Note: These tools are designed to hold square shanks. Round shanks can be gripped, but care must be used. Excessive tightening may break the binding nut.