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270 Taper Gauge

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These are named “taper” gauges only because of their shape. They do not measure taper, but they do measure hole and slot sizes. They are quick to use, very accurate, and are a convenient size.

  • Very useful tool, especially for bearing work and for gauging slots
  • Made of quality tool steel and accurately tapered throughout entire length for quick and convenient measuring
  • 11mm (7/16”) wide by 6-1/4” (160mm) long
  • Can be used as a precision shim
  • One side graduated from .010” to .150” in thousandths of an inch; the reverse side from 0.3mm to 4mm in one-twentieth of a mm (0.05mm)
  • Item Number: CI913
  • Global Item Number: 270
  • Description: Taper Gauge, .010-.150” (0.3-4mm) range
  • Status*: MTS
  • Country of Origin: China

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