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67A Scriber

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Product Details

Scribers are steel, properly tempered and well finished. The points are finely tapered so that the scriber point can be easily seen on the work. The handle, as well as the points, have a knurled grip. The long bent point is useful for reaching through holes. The length of the scriber with the short point is 9” (225mm) and with the long bent point, 12” (300mm). Points screw into the handle and fit either end. The knurled handle is nickel-plated.

  • Item Number: BM717
  • Global Item Number: 67A
  • Description: Complete with 3 Points (1 Straight, 1 Short Bent, 1 Long Bent)
  • Status*: MTO
  • Country of Origin: USA

*MTO Made to order – Products subject to longer lead times when stock is not available.
MTO lead times: China: 90 days / USA: 120 days.
*MTS Made to stock (regular availability).