505A-12 Aluminium Pro-Site Protractor505A-12 Aluminium Pro-Site Protractor

No Calculations, No Errors and No Waste...

505A-12 & 505A-7 Aluminium

The popular Pro-Site™ 505 protractor family consists of two 300mm (12") combination protractors, a 300mm (12") mitre protractor and two 175mm (7") mitre protractors. The combination protractors take the guesswork out of these functions: mitre cuts, single cuts, compound mitre cuts, included conversion table, protractor and roof pitches. The mitre protractors are ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades that require the measuring and transferring of angles.

  • Pro-Site™ protractors take error-prone calculations out of the process of mitre cuts.
  • This easy-to-use tool has two laser engraved scales.
  • Mitre cut scale transfers readings directly to the mitre saw for mitre joints.
  • Single cut scale transfers readings directly to the mitre saw.
  • Made from durable 6.5mm (1/4") aluminium with Teflon® "O" ring for smooth & precise operation.
  • Protractor saves time and reduces waste.

505P-7 Plastic

Our 175mm (7") hardened plastic mitre protractor offers the same functionality as the 505A-7 protractor. 

505P-7 Plastic Pro-Site Protractor


CP505A-12 Aluminium Combination

CP505E-12 Digital Aluminium Pro-Site ProtractorA 300mm (12") aluminium combination protractor, that is part of the popular Pro-Site™ 505 protractor family. This protractor is a 5-in-1 functional tool that performs: mitre cut, single cut, compound cut conversion table, protractor, and roof pitches.

  • 5-in-1 Protractor performs functions of the other Pro-Site™ mitre protractors and more.
  • Mitre and single cut readings can be transferred directly to the mitre saw.
  • The compound conversion table is specifically for the compound mitre saw and can be used for cutting crown moulding.
  • Easily finds roof pitches.

CP505E-12 Aluminium Electronic Combination

  • Provides direct readings for setting a saw for mitre and straight cuts.
  • Full protractor function.
  • Choice of output and a full 360° swing, horizontal and vertical levels and a step by step guide including all calculations for crown moulding work.
  • Has a knob to lock in measurements.


"I am a hobbyist woodworker, and I've (been) after one of those protractors for months now. Every woodworker should have one in their toolbox because no house has got exact 45 degrees corners. If you are a pro or a diy person they are a very handy tool to have, but one tip make sure you're mitre saw is bob on by using a square before you start."

April 2008 By Barbara Lynne Gorrie

"Very Useful"

"Really good item, well made. It is fairly expensive for what it is, but does a useful job when measuring wall angles."

July 2010 By Jon