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KUXP005-N Aluminium Retractable Knife

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The Exact® Plus KUXP005-N features heavy duty aluminium body, non-slip rubber surface, five cut levels, integrated three-bladed dispenser. Provides safe use without blade exposure for cutting strings, wires and thin strings. Suitable for general applications.

  • Uses standard trapezoidal (or hook) blades
  • Three trapezoidal blades (KS01R) inside the knife dispenser and one already fitted
  • Hook blades (KSH01R) can be used
  • The dispenser has capacity for four blades
  • Action: Retractable
  • Case Material: Aluminium
  • Blade Storage: Yes
  • Compatible Blades: Trapezoidal (KS01R) or Hook (KSH01R)
  • Supplied With: Four trapezoidal blades (KS01R)
  • Blade Width: 9mm (3/8”)
  • Packaging: Blister card