The Starrett Multi Purpose Hole saw will power through wood, MDF, plastics, plasterboard and ceramic wall tiles. Cutting speeds will be up to five times faster than a bi-metal hole saw cutting the same material. For installers, our range of kits provide the perfect solution to all your cutting needs.


  • Rapid, heat free stock removal of wood, MDF, plastics, plasterboard, and ceramic tiles.
  • Carbide Tipped Teeth for outstanding cutting performance and product durability.
  • Smooth cutting with minimal heat build up.
  • Hole saw depth of 54mm (2.1/8”).
  • Arbors with extended length pilot drills are available, alternatively fit the longer A014CE pilot drill to our standard arbors.

Reviews & Product Video

The Carbide tip was why I purchased the Hole saw, It did the Job. I bought two of them and it was well worth it. I was cutting though old plaster and native wood. installing split air and heat pumps.couldn't even make it through one hole with a regular hole saw. I am very happy with my purchase. - James