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FCH – Fast Cut – 20mm – 6PK – FCH2532-6

Currently out of stock - call Customer Services for more information.

Product Details

Complementing the traditional 1 unit pack, we have launched an exclusive package with 6-hole saws for the 3 most popular Fast Cut sizes.

  • Unit price 10% lower than the regular 1 unit pack
  • Individual barcodes are printed on each saw
  • 100% Plastic free packaging

The Fast Cut Saw combines a new tooth material, with enhanced heat and wear resistance, and a new tooth design, providing a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials compared to the previous Constant Pitch Saw. Specifically suited to cutting stainless and mild steel sheets, the Fast Cut will also cut through tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm (1/8”)

  • New tooth material with extra cobalt for enhanced heat and wear resistance improves product life
  • The 5.5 TPI positive rake tooth form provides less torque for a smoother, faster cut in all materials
  • 30% extra gullet volume for better material penetration
  • Ideal for 3mm stainless steel, mild steel sheet, tubes, and other materials with a thickness of up to 13mm (1/2”)
  • Size: 20mm
  • 41mm (1.5/8”) hole saw depth
  • Teeth per Inch (25mm): 5.5
  • Diameter: 20mm (25/32″)
  • Cutting Depth: 41mm (1.5/8”)
  • Box: Yes
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Body Material: Steel
  • Teeth Type: HSS
  • Arbor Type: A1, A4, A1-1 SDS Plus, A3 & A3-3 Ulti-Mate or A6 & A6-2 Kwik-Change
  • Thread Size: 1/2-20
  • Pilot Drill: A014C
  • Core Ejector: KA8-1