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XA2-1 SDS Plus shank arbor with carbide tipped pilot drill. SDS-Plus arbor shanks allow the arbor to be used in SDS-Plus rotary hammer drills, with the hammer action turned off. Quick-Hitch arbors feature two locating pins inserted into the hole saw cap to prevent the hole saw overtightening on the screw thread. This allows easy and instant hole saw changes, without tools and without removing the arbor from the chuck.

  • For use with hole saws ranging from 32-210mm
  • Permit instant change of hole saws without tools or removing the arbor from the chuck
  • SDS-Plus shank allows arbors to be used in SDS-Plus rotary hammer drills
  • Holesaw Pairing: D0, CT, TCT Multi Purpose MPH
  • Fits Holesaw Diameter: 32-210mm (1.1/4″-8.9/32”)
  • Arbor Shank Sizes: 11mm (7/16”) hex (excluding SDS-Plus Arbors)
  • Pack: Box
  • Number of Parts: Three (Body, Pilot Drill and Screw)
  • Colour: Black and Grey
  • Body Material: Steel