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A17-38E Locking Arbor with extra length high speed steel pilot drill. Designed for use with hole saw diameters between 32mm-210mm. The arbor locks tightly on the saw, eliminating vibration and is invaluable on exceptionally tough jobs and production runs.

  • For use with hole saws ranging from 32-210mm
  • Arbor locks tightly on hole saw, eliminating vibration and prolongs the saw life
  • Holesaw Pairing: DCH and TCT Multi Purpose MPH
  • Fits Holesaw Diameter: 32-210mm (1.1/4″-8.9/32”)
  • Arbor Shank Sizes: 8.75mm (11/32”) hex
  • Screw Thread: 5/8”-18
  • Chuck Size: 6.35mm (1/4”)
  • Drill: HSS
  • Drill Length: 92mm (3.5/8”)
  • Pack: Box
  • Number of Parts: Three (Body, Pilot Drill and Screw)
  • Colour: Black and Grey
  • Body Material: Steel