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One Year Later: Starrett’s StarrNET Partner Portal Benefits 800 B2B Users

Read Time: 2 Mins | 22 June 2023

It has been nearly a year since we introduced StarrNET, our online Partner Portal, and we are excited to share the progress we have made. With 800 B2B users now registered on the portal, businesses are experiencing the numerous advantages it offers.

If you haven’t joined yet or wish to become an accredited Starrett Distributor, here’s why you should consider signing up for a StarrNET account.

Real-time Stock Status

Stay updated on product availability in real time. StarrNET provides you with up-to-date stock status information, ensuring you have accurate details when placing orders. No more delays caused by out-of-stock items.

24/7 Ordering Capabilities

Enjoy the flexibility of placing orders anytime, anywhere. StarrNET is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing you to manage your business operations conveniently.

Dispatch and Delivery Tracking

Keep track of your orders from start to finish. StarrNET includes a tracking feature that enables you to monitor the progress of your shipments, providing visibility into the delivery process.

Order History

Easily access your complete order history. StarrNET keeps a comprehensive record of your past orders, allowing you to review and reference your purchase history whenever necessary. This feature simplifies the reordering process and provides valuable insights.


Say goodbye to paper invoices. StarrNET offers electronic invoicing, reducing paperwork and streamlining your accounting processes. Retrieve and manage your invoices effortlessly within the portal.

With 800 B2B users already benefiting from the StarrNET Portal, it has become an essential tool for business between Starrett and our partners. We invite all customers who have not yet explored the portal’s capabilities to sign up for an account to see the benefits on offer.

Become an accredited Starrett Distributor and experience the convenience, speed, and reliability of StarrNET firsthand. The future of B2B orders is here, waiting for you.

Watch: See how we are increasing order packing and distribution efficiency

Sign up for StarrNET now

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