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World’s Largest Saw Manufacturer Starrett Targets UK Bandsaw Market with New Sites and Strategic Shift to B2C Sales Model

Read Time: 3 Mins | 11 April 2024

UK and Ireland Expansion Aims to Reclaim Leadership Position in Bandsaw Segment

Jedburgh, Scotland – April 8, 2024. In a strategic move aimed at reclaiming leadership in the UK bandsaw segment and enhancing direct engagement with customers, Starrett, the world’s largest manufacturer of saw blades, today unveiled its expansion plans in the UK and Ireland.

This initiative will see the addition of seven new hires and the establishment of two new
weld centre locations in the Midlands and Northern Ireland, marking a significant step in Starrett’s commitment to provide local market expertise and customer-centric innovation.

“After taking a critical look at our approach to market engagement and product innovation, our single Jedburgh location revealed itself as a logistical bottleneck, hindering our ability to meet the just-in-time demands of our customers. Furthermore, our product portfolio needed rejuvenation to compete on the UK stage. We have been offering cutting solutions for almost 70 years and have a history of delivering solutions globally. We want to share our experience with customers across the UK and Ireland,” said Robert McKechnie, Commercial Director at Starrett.

“As the UK market continues to evolve, and with customers increasingly desiring direct interaction with manufacturers, Starrett will lead the way. Our strategic expansion into Nottingham and Carrickfergus is more than just a geographical shift; it represents our dedication to being at the forefront of the industry, closer to our customers, and more responsive to their needs than ever before.

With the introduction of the two new UK facilities, we are not just opening new doors – we are setting a new standard. These centres will not only serve as hubs for manufacturing and distribution but also as symbols of our commitment to customer-centricity. Our strategy for direct engagement and enhanced distribution capabilities is to provide unparalleled value to our customers, reinforcing our position as the world’s largest saw blade manufacturer and paving the way for a future defined by growth, innovation, and leadership in the UK market.

By confronting our past and investing in our future, Starrett is not just navigating the present; we are shaping the future of the UK bandsaw industry. Our journey forward is one of revitalisation, not just for our brand, but for the entire ecosystem of customers, partners, and communities we serve. Together, we start this exciting new chapter, ready to reclaim our leadership position and redefine the standards in the industry.”

The new Starrett manufacturing sites will be in Easter Park, Nottingham, England and Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland and will offer a plethora of benefits including:

– Places the company at the epicentre of England’s most industrious regions complimenting other key locations in Scotland and Ireland. This strategic positioning ensures that Starrett is at the crossroads of commerce and industry, offering access to the infrastructure necessary for success.

– The proximity of the new facilities to major transport links allows Starrett to offer same-day deliveries and collections. This significant competitive advantage that aligns with the demand for rapid service in today’s fast-paced market.

– The selection of sites in both England and Northern Ireland speaks to Starrett’s commitment to a true UK footprint, ensuring a uniform presence that covers a wide geographic area.

– The Nottingham location’s proximity to well-known transport links, paired with an enhanced customer experience through a purpose-built showroom and interactive training and demonstration facility, underscores Starrett’s focus on making its operations more accessible and customer centric.

– Will serve as an ideal launchpad for food division, catering to niche markets with high-quality requirements.

The two new sites are set to open for business in April 2024.

About The L.S. Starrett Company

Founded in 1880 by Laroy S. Starrett and incorporated in 1929, The L.S. Starrett Company is a leading manufacturer of saw blades, precision tools, and metrology systems. Engaged in the manufacturing of over 5,000 products for industrial, professional, and consumer markets, the company has a long history of global manufacturing experience and currently operates four major global manufacturing plants.

Serving the global manufacturing industrial base, Starrett focuses on the metalworking, construction, machinery, equipment, aerospace, and automotive markets. The company offers its wide array of cutting and measuring products to the market through multiple distribution channels worldwide. Starrett® is a brand globally recognized for precision, quality, and innovation.

For more information, please visit

Contact Starrett:

Tel: 01835 866333


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