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Starrett Holesaw helps you achieve cost savings and increase profits while delivering quality results

Read Time: 2 Mins | 27 April 2023

As a skilled tradesman, you understand that achieving cost savings is vital in increasing profits while delivering quality results. Regardless of the project complexity, you want to ensure that you are as efficient and effective as possible. This is where the Starrett cordless smooth cut holesaw comes in, offering a range of benefits that make it an essential tool for any job site.


In comparison to a standard bi-metal holesaw, the Starrett cordless holesaw offers numerous cost-saving benefits. Its superior performance translates to quicker cutting times and longer battery life, as the evidence shows in tests where the Starrett saw drilled an impressive 185 holes compared to the standard saw’s 80. As such, you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding frequent saw replacements.


One of the most notable benefits of the Starrett cordless holesaw is its energy efficiency. The saw’s innovative design is engineered to minimize energy consumption while cutting through materials, providing more holes per battery charge than a typical holesaw. This is thanks to its unique tooth design, which decreases friction and increases efficiency, as well as its thin kerf design, which removes less material per cut, reducing energy consumption.


The energy efficiency of the Starrett cordless holesaw delivers multiple benefits to tradesmen. It enables them to drill more holes per battery charge, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Because it uses less energy, the saw extends the life of the battery, reducing the frequency of battery replacements and saving you money in the long run.


On the topic of battery charge, it’s worth noting that the average battery takes around 40 to 60 minutes to charge fully. This can be a long time to go without the tool, which further highlights the importance of a battery-efficient tool like the Starrett cordless smooth cut holesaw. Especially when you consider that you will be achieving more than double the amount of holes per battery charge!


The Starrett cordless holesaw is incredibly efficient, delivering quick and smooth cuts through materials, which can translate into savings in terms of labour costs. With less time spent on each hole, you can complete your projects faster, allowing you to take on more jobs.


Because the holesaw is designed to run in a cordless drill, there is no need to worry about the inconvenience of running power to your work area. This eliminates the need for corded power tools and extension cords, freeing up your workspace and saving you time and money.


The Starrett cordless smooth cut holesaw is a cost-saving solution that provides exceptional performance and energy efficiency. Its ability to drill more holes, cut through materials quickly and smoothly, and operate without a cord make it an excellent choice for any tradesman looking to save time and money on the job site.


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