Those little things…

We are always on the lookout for those little things that make life easier.

Here at Starrett we pride ourselves in precision, quality and innovation and so over the years we have produced many of those little things -we thought we would share our top 5!

Ulti-Mate – A3

Aptly named. If you are a regular multiple diameter Hole Saw user, the Ulti-Mate Rapid Release System Arbor is a must have. A fast, tool free way of changing a Hole Saw without having to change your Arbor and it works with all standard Starrett Hole Saws.

Simply… set up your Hole Saws with the Hole saw adapters (saws up to 30mm use A3-3 and from 32mm up to 102mm use an A3-4) Push the hole saw up the pilot drill and it will locate and click in place. To release, line the arrows on the Arbor and just pull back on the collar and the saw will be released. If they are not in line the saw will not release, making it an excellent choice if you are drilling in to voids where the Hole Saw releasing means it is lost.

Unlike some other brands the adapters are reusable, so you do not throw them away with the expired Hole Saw. To change the saw on the adapter, make sure it is connected to the Arbor (so you do not damage the adapter connection area) grip the Arbor shank and the Hole Saw and remove the saw ready to replace with a new Hole Saw.

Hole Enlargement Arbor – A19

This handy Arbor takes away all the guesswork when you need to make a hole larger and can save hours of work and hassle in any material type from steel to soft woods to tiles.

This dual Hole Saw Arbor allows you to fit the existing hole sized Hole Saw and the Hole Saw of the size of the hole you wish to enlarge it to.

To set it up; Choose the diameter of hole saw you require and the diameter of saw for the hole you already have, remove the pilot drill from the Arbor – place the largest diameter you have on the Arbor as normal – place the other diameter you have on one of the threads where the pilot drill goes and lock in place.

Just one Arbor, no pilot drill and no positioning errors.

Debris Collector – DB2

This is one of our most time saving products!

Tired of cleaning up the mess after drilling holes?

Dust from plasterboard getting sucked into your cordless drill or worse still in your hair!

Enter the DB2, flexible and very easy to use, place your Arbor and hole saw through the hole in the DB2 from inside and place in your drill chuck as normal making sure the DB2 spins freely (it will become static when you start to drill) line up your pilot drill with the hole centre mark by pulling the silicon back then let it go and as you start to push the hole saw through the material the collector will collect all the dust, great for downlights or drilling data cable holes on desks without leaving dust scattered everywhere.

No masking. No clean up. No drill damage and no debris spread… what more could you ask for?

Core Ejector – KA8

Fed up with bending your ‘good’ screwdriver trying to remove a slug from a hole saw or finding tools to unscrew the saw from the Arbor to get the slug out?

Well, all that is now gone with our new Core Ejector! The slug is removed automatically after finishing drilling the hole.

How does it work?

Screw the spring on to the Aluminium disc until the wire is located in the slot, then twist the spring up on to the pilot drill inside the hole saw. When you start to drill the spring will compress and at the end of the cut and the spring will eject the slug from your hole saw, ready to drill your next hole.

Pro-Site Protractor – S05A-12 and S05A-7

Anyone using a chop saw for cutting mitres should have this tool.

To obtain the correct setting on the chop saw, the user has to make a calculation based on what the mitre they need is and what to set the saw scale at and many times in practice this can lead to calculation errors and expensive wastes of material.

With the Pro-Site family there is no need for guesswork or calculations, as it gives you the answer.

Each protractor has laser etched scales, so they won’t rub off and clear instructions on the front face.

It consists of 2 scales referring to single cuts (laying flooring against a skirting) and mitre cuts with clear arrows.

Place the Pro-Site against the surface you require the mitre on and close the arms around the angle then read of the mitre scale using the mitre arrow and the reading you have is what you transfer to the chop saw.

Fast - simple and guards against wasting expensive materials – or your last piece of material!