Our Products

Our Products

After more than 130 years, we remain as dedicated today to the making of great tools and saws for our customers. From power tool accessories to band saw machines, our top-quality tools are the perfect solution.

Power Tool Accessories

We stock a wide range of power tool accessories, all of which continue to be the most accurate, robust and durable tools available. For example, our Fast Cut Bi Metal Hole Saw combines a new tooth material, with enhanced heat and wear resistance. It has a faster cut on a wide range of materials and is manufactured here in the UK.

Hand Tools

Our range of hand tools are of a fantastic quality, paying attention to details. Our exact pocket tape measure has a nylon coated blade that provides twice the abrasion resistance than other tapes. It includes a high impact resistant ABS plastic case and rubber plastic overmoulding.

Band Saw Blades

Starrett’s band saw blades are manufactured with precision, quality and innovation backed by an unmatched service and support. For example, our Primalloy Band Saw Blades have a special high-speed steel edge with an exclusive tooth geometry with a positive rake angle.

Horizontal Band Saw Machines

Horizontal Band Saw Machines are designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Take our S1101 Bench top Bandsaw machine for example, it is compact with a sturdy base and is manufactured with an injected aluminium bow for maximum strength and durability.

Precision Tools

From the invention of the combination square by our founder Laroy, S, Starrett more than 125 years ago, we have always had a reputation for producing the highest quality precision tools and measuring instruments. Our Micrometres are the most popular of our precision tools, used by skilled workmen worldwide. They are accurate, rugged and easy to use.

These are only a handful of tools that we stock here at Starrett. We have a vast history of manufacturing high quality equipment, for example back in 1973 Starrett Scotland launched the world famous yellow bi-metal hole saw. Since then, more than 65,000,000 yellow hole saws have been produced. We have gone on to be one of the last UK manufacturers of the hole saw and continue to manufacture high quality saws in the Scottish borders 46 years later.

For more information on any our products, feel free to browse the rest of our website or contact us on 01835 863501.