Intenss – Powerful, Extreme, Strong, Extraordinary!

The Intenss…

…the metallic loving band saw blade produced to cut virtually any type of steel, from steel plates to solids. With our BI-METAL technology, the teeth are manufactured with a high resistance to abrasion, shock and fatigue resulting in a longer blade life.

Let’s meet Intenssand the bi-metal solutions:

The Intenss!

The general purpose bi-metal blade.

For none high production applications cutting small to medium solids, structurals and pipes.

With strong high-speed steel teeth with a zero-degree rake angle to the tips, this versatile blade delivers a clean cut to a wide variety of materials such as sheet steel, carbon solid steels and profiles, aluminium, copper, brass and cast iron.

For the maintenance, repair and overhaul market, workshops, tool rooms and small machine shops with basic manual, vertical or conventional gravitational fed machines.

Intenss PRO

A specialist blade with the ability to cut a huge range of solid steels including Carbon Steel, Steel Alloys, Stainless Steel and Non-Ferrous metals repetitively, even bundles, with a high production performance.

The unique tooth geometry provides intense production capabilities, faster straighter cuts with a high quality finish.

Depending on the material that you will be cutting, choose the recommended speed m/minute and select the feed rate to use from our chart (p58+59 in bandsaw cat or our speeds and feeds chart) and Intenss Pro will deliver excellent productivity.

Versatix - MP

With increased tooth strength and special tooth geometry developed for excellent performance in repetitive cutting of structural materials and pipes, bundles and small solids.

For faster straighter cuts with less tooth breakage. Using FEA technology the reinforced tooth form on the Versatix blade is able to withstand high levels of stress compared to other designs with excellent cutting ability across all material types.

Designed for all machine types but specifically for manual machines with no feed or speed control.


Our heavy duty blade for Hydraulic machines. Ideal for cutting hard abrasive materials.

Special high speed steel edge with extended life treatment to teeth of high colbalt and vanadium content and exclusive tooth geometry with positive rake angle, allows for easy cutting of hard and difficult to machine solid materials such as cast iron, stainless stell, carbon steel, nickel, copper and titanium alloys. This increased blade performance, ensures longer blade life, increased heat and wear resistance and produces a high quality finish. Cost effective over other conventional carbide blades.