This bench type comparator is ruggedly built for in-process and final inspection work. The dial indicator can be adjusted vertically and locked in any position. A sliding ring with locking screw below the beam permits swinging the indicator to either side. The ring also acts as a safety device, preventing the beam from accidentally dropping. There is a fine adjustment on the beam for final indicator setting.

  • Precision ground cast iron base measuring approximately 200 x 225mm (8" x 9").
  • Rugged comparator for in-process and final inspection.
  • Vertical adjustment and ability to swing indicator to either side and lock into place.
  • Hand lifting lever raises the spindle and releases it to contact the work.
  • Vertical capacity of 235mm (9.1/4").
  • Throat depth of 125mm (5").
  • Vertical indicator fine adjustment of up to 12.7mm (1/2").