The new Starrett Carbide Tipped Deep Cut hole saw (CTD) is the perfect solution for repeated intensive drilling in mild and stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper of all thicknesses up to and including 25mm (1”). Starrett CTD hole saws feature three different angles ground on to the cutting face of each tooth on the saw. This 3-Ply tooth grind delivers a fast cut, minimal snag when the saw begins the cut, efficient swarf removal minimising heat build up, and maximum saw life.

CTD will power through sheet, stainless steel up to 25mm (1") thickness, enclosures, pipework and structural steel work with either a fixed or portable drill, in a fraction of the time taken by a standard hole saw.


  • 3-Ply tooth grind on each tooth delivers maximum performance and makes the saw much more robust than 2-Ply equivalents.
  • Supplied as one piece with no need for assembly.
  • Can be used with fixed or portable drills, mains power or cordless.
  • All saws are supplied with an ejector spring to aid ejection of the core from the saw.
  • Replacement pilot drills are available. 

Product Video: