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Kitchen Knife Set 2 pc Red (BKK-2R)

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Complementing the Starrett Professional Knives range, the 2 pc Kitchen Knife Set is available in black
(BKK-2B) and red (BKK-2R).

These kits contain:
1 Chefs Knife Narrow Triangular 6″ (150mm)
1 Chefs Knife Wide Triangular 8″ (200mm)


• Stainless Steel Blades
• Injection moulded ergonomic handles with Antimicrobial Sanitized protection
• Textured for maximum grip, optimum comfort, and easy clean
• Identifiable laser marked blades
• NSF certification
• Available in 2 colours (black and red)
• Special steel alloy for longer blade life, stain and rust resistance
• The guarantee of origin identification and traceability are further important advantages of the new Starrett® knives. With a tracking number laser stamped on the blades, Starrett® ensures knives can be identified from leaving the factory
• Uniquely sharpened angle for more precise impactful cuts