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Sharpening Steel Fine Finish 10″ (250mm) Blue Handle – BKL408-10

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The Sharpening Steel is made from hard carbon steel with a hard chrome coating which reduces oxidation and is magnetised to retain the knife chip. The rod comes in either a smooth or knurled finish to cover all applications, with a high durability and ability to realign knife edges. Our polypropylene ergonomically moulded handles are manufactured with Antimicrobial Sanitized® Protection and a textured finish for maximum grip, optimum comfort and easy clean.

  • Rod made from hard carbon steel with hard chrome coating
  • Magnetised to retain the knife chip
  • High durability and easy clean
  • Increased resistance to oxidation
  • polypropylene handle with Sanitized® Antimicrobial Protection
  • Six handle colours – Black, Green, Blue, Red, White & Yellow
  • Handle Length: 13cm (5″)
  • Steel Diameter: 12.7mm (1/2″)
  • Steel Length: 25cm (10″)
  • Steel Finish: Fine Finish
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene with Antimicrobial Santized® Protection
  • Steel Material: Hard Carbon Steel with Hard Chrome Coating. Magnetised