088-0 Gauge Block Set - 88 Piece, Grade "0"

  • Manufactured from a high grade of steel to ISO 3650 Grade “0” or Grade “1”.
  • Carefully heat treated and stress relieved for high stability.
  • Precision lapped for good wringing properties.
  • Each block is stamped with individual size.

Cat. No. 3047-0 & 3047-1 : 1.005, 1.01 to 1.19 by 0.01mm step, 1.2 to 1.9 by 0.1mm step, 1-10 by 1mm step, 20-100 by 10mm step.

Cat. No. 3088-0 & 3088-1 : 1.0005, 1.001 to 1.009 by 0.001mm step, 1.01 to 1.49 by 0.01mm step, 0.5 to 9.5 by 0.5mm step, 10-100 by 10mm step.

Adjustable Parallels

These adjustable parallels provide a wide range of use in layout, gaging, inspection work and for setups on various machine tools. Their adjustablity makes it possible to adjust them to exact size by micrometer measurement and also permits use in place of several solid-type parallels.

These parallels are useful as gages in checking the size of slots and openings. They are also convenient for use in machine vises, for leveling or adjusting work on setups of milling and grinding machines, shapers, planers, drill presses and for many other applications.

Parallels slide smoothly and can be easily adjusted. The smaller sizes A, B, and C, are locked by one screw while the larger sizes, D, E, and F, have two lock screws. All parallels are 9/32" (7mm) thick.