269 Series - Taper Gauges

These gauges are for determining hole sizes in dies and all kinds of other work. They read in 0.02mm or thousandths of an inch.

Made of tempered steel with a locking device for fixing any leaf in position for use.

270 Series - Taper Gauge

The 270 Series Taper Gauge is very useful tool, especially for bearing work and for gauging slots.

The gauge is made of quality tool steel 11mm (7/16") wide by 160mm (6.1/4") long and is accurately tapered throughout its entire length for quick and convenient measuring of slot widths, etc.

One side is graduated from 0.010" to 0.150" in thousandths of an inch and the reverse side from 0.3mm to 4mm in one-twentieth of a mm (0.05mm).