Following the Government’s instruction regarding the national coronavirus emergency, Starrett UK closed on the 24th March until further notice. We look forward to continuing trade when possible to do so. All orders placed on and after this date will unfortunately not be shipped. If you would like to continue with your order we will have it delivered as soon as restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. If you have any questions at all please fill in an enquiry form on our contact us page - but in the meantime, stay safe everyone.

145 - Heavy Duty High Tension Hacksaw Frame

145 Heavy Duty High Tension Hacksaw FrameProfessional quality high tension hacksaw frame, providing an easy to use adjustment handle, comfortable rubber handle and an ergonomic grip.  

  • Six turns of the adjustment handle will tension the blade up to 2000kgs/cm sq.
  • High tension keeps the blade from twisting and binding in even the most aggressive applications.
  • Mounting pins keep the blade secure even when the tension is released.
  • Supplied complete with one Bi-Metal Unique Safe-Flex Blade.

140G - Hacksaw Frame

  • Frame suitable for 300mm / 12" blades, supplied with one Bi-Metal Unique Safe-Flex blade.

149 - Tubular Hacksaw Frame

  • Produced in one 16mm tubular steel piece for extra strength and rigidity, this frame features a closed, contoured high impact plastic grip.

146 - Hobby Saw

  • Ideal for lightweight cutting, particularly suitable for cutting in restricted places, unreachable by conventional hacksaw frames.  The Hobby Saw accepts 250mm or 300mm (10" or 12") blades.

148 - PVC Saw

  • Designed for fast, straight cutting of PVC and ABS plastic pipe, the PVC Saw can also be used for cutting plasterboard, plywood and general purpose cutting.  Available with a 300mm (12") or 450mm (18") blade, replacement blades can be ordered separately.

147 - Compass Saw 

  • A heavy duty, variable pitch saw with an extra long life bi-metal blade, suitable for cutting most materials.  Blade rotates a full 360 degrees to easily cut at any angle and has a rugged ergonomic handle for ideal comfort and the best cutting leverage.  Starrett carbide grit and v-tooth reciprocating saw blades will also fit the handle.

X1200 - Carbide Grit Rod Saw

  • Ideal for cutting tough abrasive materials in hard to reach places, the rod saw features carbide grit surrounding and permanently bonded to a tough steel alloy rod, allowing cutting in all directions.