LX System Product Comparisons and Capabilities

Target Applications L3 L2 Plus L2 S2 L1
Use for Stress, Strain and Material Testing applications
Use for Advanced Load, Distance and Force Analysis applications x x
Use for Basic Load, Distance and Force Measurement applications x x x x
Use for Advanced Extension and Compression Spring applications x x
Use for Basic Extension and Compression Spring applications x
User Interface
All-In-On Computer Workstation, Windows® OS x x
Tablet Computer, Windows® OS x x x
Software Applications
Test Builder x x x o
Force Quick Test Templates x x
Spring Quick Test Templates x
Formula Builder x o o o
Automation Builder o o o o
Measurement Methodology
Measure results using the graph x x
Measure results using a List of Value menu x x x x
Create Test Setups using Graphical Test Methods (No programming) x x x T
Create Test Setups using Quick-Test Templates x x x
Test Methods
Tensile Testing, Load, Distance, Break, Rate x x x T x
Compression Testing, Load, Distance, Break, Rate x x x T x
Hold Testing, Load, Distance for Duration or Event x x x T x
Cyclic Testing for Duration, Count, Loop or Event x x x T x
Shear Testing x x
Flexural Testing x x
Peel Testing x x
Coefficient of Friction Testing x x
Spring Testing x x x
Measurement Capabilities
Measure Stress, Strain, Elongation, Strengths x
Measure Offset Yield x
Measure Modulus (Elastic, Chord, Tangent) x
Measure Strain and Elongation using Extensometer(s) (requires MMx test frames) x
Measure Energy, Work, Resilience x x
Create Mathematical Expressions using Algebraic, Trigonometric and Logarithmic functions x A
Create Basic Expressions using Add, Subtract, Multiple and Divide x A A A
Use Digital I/O A A A A
Use Analogue I/O (requires MMx test frames) A A
Use Command and Conditional Logic A A A A
Measure Load, Distance, Time x x x x x
Measure Minimum, Maximum and Averages x x x x x
Measure Slopes and Intersections x x
Measure Peaks, Valleys, Counts, Averages x x
Measure Break, Rupture x x x T x
Measure Delta between results within a test x x x
Measure results within multiple test runs simultaneously (multiview) x x
Measure Spring Rate, Spring Constant x x
Reporting and Exporting Data
Print using standard reports, graph, batch, tolerance, statistics x x x x x
Export results/data in .csv for custom reporting x x x x x
Export results/data in .csv for integration with SPC software x x x x x
Include tolerances on any result x x x x x
Note: FMM frames run L1 software only L3, L2 Plus, L2 and S2 software require a FMS, MMS, FMD or MMD frame

x = Standard
o = Optional
T= Requires Test Builder application

A = Requires Automation Builder application