S6330 Starrett Automatic Band Saw Machine

S6330 Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine

    The S6330 machine was built in such a manner as to ensure quality and safety. Its cutting capacity and versatility enable the use of bimetal saw blades as well as saw blades with carbide teeth, thus ensuring high speed precision cutting of hard and abrasive metals.


    • Blade speed controlled by a variable frequency drive
    • Dual column design to ensure precision and stability during cutting efforts
    • Hydraulically powered vises fitted with a centreing device for bent bars
    • Control valve for cutting pressure and feed rate
    • Coolant pump
    • Programmed cut length of up to 3.5m
    • Electric system compliant with CE Directive
    • Vertical hydraulic vise
    • Hydraulic clamping vise
    • Fully-enclosed machine with all access points controlled with microswitches
    • Chip conveyor
    • Working height: 780mm