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Versatix MP Field Tests

    Field Tests Prove The Value of Versatix MP from Starrett.

    The L. S. Starrett Company is delighted to report outstanding results in field tests of its new Versatix MP band saw blade.  Developed, tested, and manufactured in Scotland, Versatix MP sets new standards for blade life and performance when cutting structural steels, sections, tubes and small solids.  It is also an ideal blade for customers using manual, pull down band saw machines where the uncontrolled nature of the feed rate can easily lead to tooth strippage.

    Test successes to date have been considerable but include:

    • A decorative railing manufacture in the South of the U.K. who was changing band saw blades every 3 days.  Blade life with Versatix MP is now between 3 and 4 weeks!

    • A door manufacturer in the North of England cutting very thin interrupted sections who were changing blade approximately once a week.  Blade life with Versatix MP is now reckoned to be in the region of nine weeks per blade!

    • A Scottish Engineering firm cutting pipe and structural steels who were trying a range of blades from different manufacturers in an attempt to get around persistent problems with tooth strippage.  All their band saw machines now run Versatix MP and they report no further problems with tooth strippage.

    Cut Structural Steels, Tubes and Small Solids with Versatix MP

    Graham Munro, Technical Support Engineer for Starrett said, "We were very pleased with the results of our in house tests of the new blade, testing against key competitors and our previous offering in this category.  It is immensely satisfying now we have product on test in real life applications to see that these tests were accurate, and that Versatix MP is offering huge improvements in performance and reductions in cost to a wide range of band saw users."