Video Measurement System

MV Video Measuring Systems are easy-to-use, general purpose, non-contact measurement
systems with zoom optics. A highly stable mechanical design and precision linear bearings

achieve superb performance. X and Y dimensions are measured by moving the stage horizontally.
Z height is measured by moving vertically to maintain focus.
MV systems are ideal for Quality Labs, Manufacturing floor part measurement where short runs are common.

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Features and Specifications

  • Zoom optics 6.5:1
  • MetLogix™ M3 control system software
  • Video edge detection (VED)
  • Fibre Optic or LED illumination, sub-stage bottom illumination and ring light surface illumination
  • All in-one-PC with 21.5" (55cm) colour touch-screen
  • Windows® 7 Professional operating system
  • Easy manual X-Y-Z positioning via hand wheels


  • 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2.0x auxiliary lenses for zoom optics
  • Coaxial LED or fibre optic surface illumination
  • Calibration standards
  • DXF/FOV option pack for automatic comparison to CAD designs
  • Modular workstation

Operator Interface

The operator interface is an M3-equipped PC. The part image, measurement graphics, and readings are displayed on a colour touch-screen. Video edge detection (VED), single and multi-point measurements of 2D geometries, and report generation are standard.

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