The VF600

Vertical Floor Standing Optical Projector

If your measuring requirements determine the use of a large screen, vertical axis
projector then look no further than the Starrett VF600.

A design based upon 35 years of knowledge in the manufacture of high performing optical projectors, the VF600 has a market leading specification.The VF600 is ideal
for the larger components found in the electronics, pressings and extrusion industries.
With helix facility, single or multiple lens turret, choice of workstages and large range of digital readout options the VF600 is the ultimate in vertical axis profile projectors.

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Features and Specifications

  • Available with the full range of Metlogix or Quadra-Chek readout systems (as shown).
  • Fully usable 600mm / 24” diameter screen with precision cross lines and overlay clips.
  • Screen angled at an optimum 30° to give bright, easily viewed image, and allowing easy tracing or overlay work.
  • Single lens mount or 3-lens quick change turret using silo system for maximum lens protection.
  • Choice of two workstage size options with manual, motorised or CNC control.
  • Standard measuring travel : 200mm / 8” X-axis, 100mm / 4” Y-Axis.
  • Large measuring travel: 250mm / 10" X-axis, 150mm / 6" Y-Axis.
  • Fully retractable duplex fibre optic surface illumination.
  • Fast traverse, quick release mechanism on X and Y axis.
  • Exceptionally stable, all metal construction for optimum performance and accuracy.
  • Lamphouse mounted helix facility.
  • Optional canopy and curtains available.
  • High precision workstage with 400 x 225mm / 16 x 9” top plate.
  • Stage weight capacity: 30kg / 66lbs (evenly distributed).
  • 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x 50x and 100x lenses available (x5 to special order).
  • Screen driven rotary Q axis.
  • 0.001mm resolution Heidenhain linear scales.
  • Large range of accessories available, including screen overlay templates.
  • Power supply 110 / 120 / 230 / 240 / 250VAC 50 / 60Hz.
  • All Starrett Optical Profile Projectors have lens magnifications set and calibrated to the following accuracies: Profile: +/-0.05%, Surface Illumination: +/-0.10%.


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