The “Carbide” Hole Saw

Welcome to Tungsten Carbide a compound of tungsten and carbon, renowned for its superior durability, superior wear and impact resistance. Here we introduce you to our carbide tipped, high performance, powerful, faster, heat and wear resistance…four pack system!

The carbide CT

  • A cost-effective solution for cutting nail embedded wood, any wood/metal combinations, reinforced concrete and fibreglass, cast iron and your traditional lath and plaster wall.
  • Particularly suitable when a high-quality surface finish on entry and exit is required.
  • Suitable for electric and battery drills.
  • Appropriate Arbors A1 or A4, up to 29mm

The carbide MPH

  • Multipurpose, powers through wood, MDF, plastics, plasterboard and ceramic wall tiles.
  • Five times faster cutting speeds than a bimetal hole saw cutting the same material.
  • Deeper saw means one cut through 50mm beams.
  • Easy blind hole cutting for applications where an indent is required such as inserted hinges.
  • No fumes when cutting MDF as saw does not heat up.

The carbide SM

  • Ideal for cutting sheet metal. Stainless Steel, high alloy steels, nonferrous light metals and fibreglass at faster speeds than a bimetal hole saw, leaving a clean cut.
  • Complete assembly so no need for separate arbor and pilot drill.
  • Engineered turned Hole saw with one piece construction, including ejector spring.
  • Recommended cutting depth is 5mm

  • Saw has an in-built safety stop that prevents travelling beyond 16mm depth. Perfect for cutting cable trunking.

The carbide CTD

  • Excellent heat and wear resistance perfect for repeated intensive drilling in mild and stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper.
  • Complete engineered one piece construction so no need for assembly, including ejector spring.
  • Carbide brazed teeth tips.
  • Deep cut, can cut up to 25mm material thickness, ideal for steel sections and rust resistant materials.