Industry 4.0 is on its way, and its true what they tell us, “You can’t stop progress”. 

Driverless technology and AI robotics are taking to the stage - swooping in to solve all our manufacturing problems. What we can be sure of is that the industry as we know it will never be the same again. The way we communicate with each other had already changed so dramatically over recent years that it has become unrecognisable to our former selves. Now, it is clear to us that the challenges businesses face no longer lie in the traditional areas of design and logistics, but in the areas we assumed would never become replaced by a machine.

In 60 years of UK manufacturing, Starrett has built its trust on the simple promise to deliverer Metrology Solutions. We have prided ourselves on our ability to do this at top industry standards whilst also maintaining the value of simplicity in a complex industry. Communication is Key to establishing this. Understanding our customers on an individual level, so that we may learn their business to then understand their problem so that we may transfer this knowledge into our products designs. With Industry 4.0 looming in our horizon, and with it a whole army of new digitalised communications platforms, our focus becomes, how can we ensure that simplicity remains?

The answer is again, simple. Starrett are pulling back on industry 4.0. Not on the products and not on the progress, but on the way we chose to communicate. This year, we are introducing “Starrett On The Road with Metrology Solutions”, a new project aimed at cutting through the confusion and reclaiming our voices in an automated world. By bringing the solutions directly to you, along with some of our trained experts to provide demonstration and training, we are creating the opportunity to meet the minds behind the machines. Getting away from the flatness of a computer screen and re-engaging with the human side of business. Bringing you the chance experiment live on the products for yourself, ask any questions you need then get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

It’s about creating a level field between business and consumer. By stepping away from the screens that seem to control our actions and seeing the industry work magnificently with your own eyes. To embrace these exciting new times whist maintaining the simple skills that helped us get here. Industry 4.0 promises to be the star of the show in the years to come, but it still remains that it is people and communication that controls the future, not the machines.

To Learn More about up coming Starrett on the Road Dates, or to arrange your own Visit, go to ourOn The Road Page. 

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