Band saw blades: a cut above the rest

Leading band saw machine and blade manufacturer, Starrett, has created an infographic to help contractors select the correct blade for their band saw machine. The infographic outlines the key considerations for contractors when selecting a new blade for their machine, including tooth pitch, blade width and set. The infographic is available to download for free here.


With a history in saw blade manufacturing that stretches back more than 100 years, Starrett’s blades and band saw machines are some of the most renowned in the industry. However, with over 5,000 products in Starrett’s line, it can often be difficult to ensure the right blade is selected, not only for the right machine, but for the right application.

“It’s incredibly important to choose the correct band saw blade for the job you are doing,” explained Graham Munro, Starrett’s technical support team leader. “The different materials contractors often need to cut, from metals like steel, copper and aluminium, to composites and wood, often means that one blade doesn’t do the job for all materials.

“For instance, Starrett’s Versatix MP blades, which are one of our most popular blades and are made in our facility in Scotland, are especially designed for cutting tubes and structural materials with ease but would struggle to cut softer materials like plastic.

“This guide outlines some of the key features of band saw blades that need to be considered, including tooth pitch to blade width and set. By selecting the most appropriate blade for the type of cutting planned, manufacturers will benefit from a longer life from the blade, as well as optimised blade performance.

“What’s more, if a customer doesn’t know which blade is best suited to their needs, our online software, PowerCalc, helps to calculate the blade speed and cutting rate to recommend the blade, as well as coolant ratio. By using the software, as well as speaking to a member of the Starrett team, there really is no need to blindly purchase a band saw blade without knowing its capabilities and suitability for your requirements.”

Manufacturers, builders and contractors worldwide have relied on Starrett’s saws and precision tools for more than 130 years.