Powerful cutting on the move

Starrett adds lightweight, portable bench top band saw to product range

Band saw blade and machine specialist Starrett has added a new bench top band

saw machine to its extensive range. The S1105 saw has been designed to be lighter and more portable than others in the company’s collection, without compromising on performance. With a powerful, two-speed 850W motor and an adjustable cutting angle from zero to 45 degrees, contractors and hobbyists alike will benefit from the new machine.

Being considerably smaller than many bench top band saw machines and weighing only 17kg, the  S1105 saw is ideal for use on the move. The saw delivers a clean cut without the need for lubrication and, as it is so compact, there is no need to bolt the machine down before using it. Contractors of all trades, workshop managers, maintenance departments and even hobbyists will benefit from this powerful saw.

“We’ve had the larger  S1101 saw in our product portfolio for a long time now,” said John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett. “However, we recognised the industry demand for a more portable alternative that can realistically be easily used onsite. This is why we developed the latest addition to our range. The saw is so lightweight and compact that it can be stored in small workshops or vehicles and transported from site to site easily.

“There are many applications where the  S1105 will come in handy. For example, both providers and installers of thick or armoured cables, conduit, and trunking will find this tool particularly useful. Most sales are by length and in the case of cabling, many users rely on clamps to cut through it. However, this process squashes the wire at the point of the cut into an elliptical shape, making it difficult to install. Using our band saw would not do this as there is no pressure on the outer edge of the cable, and its portability will support contractors installing the cabling onsite.”

The S1105 bench top band saw is compatible with both 110V and 220V formats, has a blade speed of 60 or 80m/min, comes with a blade cleaning kit and is available for less than £300. To find out more, visit the Starrett website or call +44 (0)1835 863501.