Ejecting the core problem for hole saw operators

Starrett launches Core Ejector tool

Following extensive product testing at its Scottish Borders manufacturing facility, tool and hole saw specialist Starrett, has launched its new Core Ejector tool. The two-part instrument addresses a common problem for contractors by removing the cut away disc of material that would usually remain inside the hole saw after it has completed the cut.

Hole saw operators will be familiar with the problem of extracting the material that often becomes jammed inside the hole saw after cutting. The classic, method of removing the trapped material with a drift or screwdriver may be effective, but there is an obvious health and safety risk to the operator. One slip can spell disaster as the teeth of the hole saw are extremely sharp, and the elevated temperature of the saw if it has been recently used poses another threat of injury.  Starrett’s Core Ejector is designed to elevate this risk and improve health and safety for the operator.

The spring-based Core Ejector, which can easily be installed onto a hole saw by twisting the spring over the pilot drill, comprises a precision tapered spring and an aluminium pressure plate. As the saw cuts into the material, the pressure plate compresses the spring and when the saw breaks through to complete a cut, the spring will act on the pressure and push the core out of the saw before it becomes trapped.

“The Core Ejector tool has been designed with ease of use in mind,” explained John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett. “The low cost tool is available in a range of sizes for flexibility and it functions effectively on ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal, sheet glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and composite materials, as well as ceramics and tiles when fitted to diamond hole saws.

“It is currently available in six sizes and covers a range of hole saw diameters. The range begins with the small KA8-1 core ejector for saws between 20 and 24mm in diameter and increases to the largest KA8-6 saws, which reach between 133 and 210mm in diameter.”

Starrett has been serving the industrial, professional and consumer tooling industries for more than 130 years, offering a huge range of products to help contractors complete jobs effectively and efficiently. The company also offers an extensive range catering to more industrial sectors.

For more information about the Core Ejector, or other tools in the Starrett product range, please visit the website www.starrett.co.uk.