Starrett is supporting Scottish Apprenticeship week #ScotAppWeek17

Meet James Anderson who is in his final year as an Apprentice Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. We caught up with James to share his experience of an apprenticeship.

Why did you decide an apprenticeship was the right route for you?
Having previously completed another apprenticeship as a carpenter/joiner I knew what to expect. One of the main benefits of an apprenticeship for me was that I could train without getting into any debt and actually be paid a wage whilst learning. In addition, I have great belief in the idea that the best way to learn something is actually doing it, and an apprenticeship offers you a vast amount of hands on experience along with the theory required to build your skills with, in my opinion, a better understanding of how the theory actually relates.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?
For those who know the path they want to take and are keen to get to work, to dive in and want to learn on the job from the people who do it for a living, or for those with other commitments who want to learn, but maybe can’t afford the time or expense of full time study, I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as a good route to take.