About Us

The L.S. Starrett Company Ltd was founded in 1880 in Athol, Massachusetts. Starrett later expanded their manufacturing facilities and opened in Jedburgh, Scotland. This Starrett entity is the last bi-metal hole saw manufacturer in the UK. The company is officially 139 years old and remains a family run business with the current Mr Starrett being the fifth generation of Starrett to head the company.

After more than 130 years, we remain as dedicated today to the making of great tools and saws for our customers. We have worldwide distribution in over 100 countries and remain a global business with production facilities in North and South America, the UK and China.

Over the years Starrett have created a brand that has become synonymous with precision, quality and innovation, backed by unmatched service and support. Today, we offer six product categories:

  • Power Tool Accessories / Hand Saws & Blades.
  • Band Saw Blades.
  • Jobsite / Workshop Hand Tools.
  • Precision Measurement Tools.
  • Metrology Equipment.
  • Force Measurement Systems.

We offer strict quality control followed by state-of-the-art equipment as well as ongoing commitment to R&D. The 5,000+ products in our line continue to be the most accurate, robust and durable tools available. Professionals within the industry know the Starrett name on a saw blade, hand tool or measuring tool, therefore they know the quality & exceptional service that comes with it.

In 1978, Starrett Scotland launched the world famous yellow bi-metal hole saw. Since then, more than 65,000,000 yellow hole saws have been produced and more than 40,000,000 have been made within Scotland.

The L.S Starrett Company Ltd has been committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality of band saw blades and hole saws available. Along side all of our innovative Starrett manufactured products, we are proud to supply manufacturers and tradesmen worldwide who rely on the industries best tools to ensure the highest standard of precision & quality.

For more information about us or any of our services feel free to browse the rest of our website or call us on 01835 863501, we’re more than happy to help.