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Future force measurement

Precision measurement in large applications All contractors will be familiar with the combination square: a ruled blade with interchangeable heads to measure angles in workshops, construction sites and metalworking.  Invented in 1883 by L. S Starrett, the combination square quickly…

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Composites and Metrology: past, present and future

Force measurement testing for composite materials According to modern archaeology, one of the earliest examples of a composite material was the carefully soaked layers of linen and plaster used for the Egyptian practice of mummification. Composites are certainly not a new concept,…

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Not Out on a Limb

Band saw specialist supports medical model manufacture We all know that it takes a lot of dedication to choose a career in medicine. To become a GP you’re looking at five years of further training on top of a medical degree, and to become a hospital consultant you can expect that to take…

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The Power of the Tool Industry

Power tool sector set for growth to USD 34 billion by 2020 Power – something that no superhero would be very super without. Superman’s strength and Spiderman’s abilities to climb walls is what makes them great, and the same can be said for contractors and their power tools. The…

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