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Top five hole saw hacks

The challenges tradespeople face and how to overcome them The materials and technologies in our homes and commercial buildings are advancing rapidly. While this is great news for designers and engineers, it poses challenges for tradespeople responsible for fitting new projects and…

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Diamond grit hole saws are a girl’s best friend

  The rise of female tradespeople in the UK  The number of female tradespeople in the UK is on the rise. According to a recent report by  The Guardian , a study of 10,000 trades people showed that women now represent almost six percent of the UK’s working builders,…

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Bathroom Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Do you have the right tool for the job? 2016 will be remembered for trends in smart phone flops, crazy political debates and celebrity deaths. Now it’s finally behind us, we can turn our attention to 2017 and consider the next trends that are going to come our way — particularly those that could…

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