The man behind the brand!

Born in China, Maine, USA in 1836 one of twelve children, Laroy had a typical farm upbringing and had his roots in the soil. Clothed by the wool and flax raised on the farm; one of Laroy’s earliest memories was sitting under the loom and picking up the shuttle which his mother occasionally dropped…

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The Exacting Standard - Micrometers

What they are used for - how they are used and the various types. Product quality and accuracy cannot be valid unless referenced to a quality and accurate standard . Here at Starrett all precision measuring tool standards meet or exceed accuracy and performance specifications of national or…

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Tom Pettit, UK Sales Manager - Icebreaker

Tell us a bit about you & your family? I’m a Yorkshire man that loves the countryside and I previously lived in Holmfirth where Last of the Summer Wine was filmed, but recently moved to Penistone. I have renovated several houses and have a shed full of tools to my wife’s pleasure! I am into…

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